About Soles Foot Lounge

What sets Soles apart from the rest?

Soles Foot Lounge is a new reflexology massage lounge dedicated to your healing and tranquility. We are different than other foot spas and massage establishments for several reasons.
  • Your treatments can be customized and we have several choices available for you to soak your feet in
  • Your service lasts throughout the full time frame… we don’t short cut anywhere.

The treatment room has been designed to provide you with a special healing environment

In addition to the Five-Star decor, treatments and services, The Soles Foot Lounge Massage Room is SPECIALLY DESIGNED to reduce environmental stresses on your body and increase the positive vibrations around you. Your body experiences an immediate physical sensation of serenity, calm and tranquility as it is instantly relaxed when you walk in “THE ROOM”.

This relaxation process happens because a large percentage of the frequency waves that are constantly surrounding and attacking your body in the “outside world” are drastically reduced once you enter our inner sanctuary. Soles has enhanced the experience even more through the use of Himalayan salt lamps, energizing crystals, aromatherapy, special massage creams and music selections that all help to enable your brain to relax and unwind.  We have no doubt that you’ll agree that we’ve taken the simple foot massage to a much higher level.

Remember… “We can’t wait to get our hands on your feet”.